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County Down Porcelain Plate


Made by Anna Smyth

Hand thrown porcelain plate finished with transfer of County Down map, blue glaze and gold lustre detail. “They are about connection to place, root and memory; represented by extracts of old local maps. The birds of gold or platinum lustre symbolise those who leave and return again to our island, as generations have done”. Handmade by Anna Smyth in County Down, Northern Ireland.

Diameter 16.5cm, Depth 2cm

About the maker: 

“I thrive in the creative process of making, with clay.

Often my work is spontaneous, emotive, triggered by a thought or event, or by an atmosphere in which there is a sensory stimulus.
In clay I find an outlet for expression of these inner responses; another voice with which I can speak, in a visual, three dimensional language.
Weaving between handbuilt and thrown work, I strive to demonstrate a balance of skill, attention to detail and a true passion for my craft.

The current interest in our once great linen industry has led me to produce this body of work entitled ‘I worked in the Mill’, informed by my own family history, stories and memories of work in local linen mills. In this way I acknowledge and celebrate the workers and their achievements. ​Porcelain panels representing the mills remind us of those vast buildings and the countless workers who passed through them daily.”

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