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Curation Brooch


Made by Robyn Galway

Curation Brooch by Robyn Galway, handmade in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. This brooch can be reassembled in different orders – allowing you to curate your own brooch! 

Materials; Vinyl, flock, silver, oxide, holographic plastic, acrylic gel polish. 

Brooch size: Length; 15cm, width 8cm.

Objects become jewellery through interaction & brooches make social statements.
Designed to be curated in a variety of ways, this brooch kit acts as a proxy for emotion & communication that are currently stifled in a time of social distancing & wearing masks
What do you feel like saying?

About the maker: 

After studying in Finland, Robyn graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Jewellery Design from the University of Ulster. Robyn is now working from The Sugery Studios in Belfast.

“As a contemporary applied artist, I create Jewellery beyond its normal parametres. Influenced by the language of European contemporary jewellery, I am inspired by the blurred boundaries between craft and art. Through questioning and exploring jewellery, I invite the public to challenge and question their perceptions of it.”

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