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Curious Construction No.12 Brooch


Made by Egle Banyte

Curious Construction No.12 Brooch by Egle Banyte. Handmade in Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

Materials; Sterling silver. Approximate brooch size: length 6cm, width 3cm.

“My work seeks to unlock the geometry of everyday life. Recognising that we are surrounded and yet often oblivious to the ubiquity of geometry, my work seeks to re-engage its audience with the mathematics of life: the recurrent patterns of the material world. Here are two pieces: one an example of a traditional pin and another which requires imagination as to how it is pinned to the garment.”

About the maker: 

Egle Banyte is an award winning jewellery designer and maker based in Belfast. Her work is inspired by her youth in Lithuania, Baltic tradition, Constructivism, and Northern European aesthetics. Egle’s work is handcrafted using traditional techniques and materials, yet manifesting a contemporary style.

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