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Donegal Tweed Scarf in Royal Blue


Made by Francis O Donnell

Scarf in a rugged tweed wool, hand-woven by Francis O’Donnell. Handmade in Ardara, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

These beautiful Scarves come in a range of colours to suit any look. Each scarf is in one main colour wool, woven with a multicoloured thread in the weft for a unique finish. With multicoloured weft fringe on both ends.

Approximate size: 190cm x 25cm

Please note; the beauty of handmade is that no two products will be exactly the same. All items are handmade, this means the product may vary slightly from the image and colours may vary.

About the maker:

Francis O’Donnell comes from a long line of weavers and he began hand weaving in wool at a young age, using traditional methods.

Donegal has a rich heritage of weaving particularly in the village of Ardara and today Francis is one of the few who keeps up this beautiful skill using locally sourced yarn.

Traditionally sheep provided the wool, which was dyed and spun into thread for weaving. The woven cloth in those days was called ‘homespun’.

Homespun was taken to the market and buyers came from all over to purchase it.


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