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Form Brooches


Made by Céline Traynor

Form Brooches by Céline Traynor, handmade in Co. Antrim in sterling silver and tiles.

All brooches can be sold individually, for more information please contact the gallery: 

Approximate individual brooch size: length 3.7cm, width 3.7cm.

About the maker:

“A minimal tile design on a (now closed) shop front in the street where I was born and raised, invokes strong memories. I peeled some of the graphic black and white tiles off Wylies electrical shop after I discovered it was to be demolished. I need to preserve this piece of history of and for Newry and myself.

Thoroughly contemporary in style, my jewellery designs in silver and gold reflect my love of pure shape and form appealing to those with a minimalist aesthetic. Although my jewellery might look abstract, the inspiration is down to earth – bridges, wallpaper, even the signature of Queen Elizabeth 1. Music in different guises plays a large part in the designs. Taking a studied, almost mathematical approach, I reduce the various forms to a balanced, geometric shape. The finished result is simple jewellery with a highly individual appearance.”

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