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The Sea O How I Love Thee Brooch


Made by Shannon McShane

The Sea O How I Love Thee Brooch by Shannon McShane.

Materials: Sterling silver, sapphire, found plastic, shell. Approximate size: length 9cm, width 5cm. 

“Inspired by ocean conservationists, I am raising my voice. A brooch and companion poem to ignite the conversation about how we don’t value our oceans and the need for change. Without our oceans we will not exist. During lockdown we saw some recovering in nature, let’s do all that we can to improve our impact and protect it. Poem: The Sea O How I Love Thee”

Breathtaking beauty
A world unknown
In your deepest depths we thought we couldn’t reach
Our daily debris litters your darkest floor
Amongst your waves of many sizes, in the belly’s of those who reside
Humanity’s plight upon your beauty
We stood still for a minute, a moment forced
A tide of change is upon us, the sea o how I love thee

About the maker: 

Shannon is a silversmith/jeweller based in Belfast, Ireland. Since graduating from the University of Ulster, Belfast in 2011, she has set up her own studio and business in Belfast city centre. Shannon creates conceptual pieces for exhibition, ready to wear ranges and bespoke commissions.

Shannon’s inspiration is drawn from the coast surrounding where she grew up. Deriving strong influence from the stunning rugged textures and tones of nature. Combining various silversmithing and jewellery techniques with precious metals and stones to create unique pieces of jewellery for men and women.

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