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Yellow Riddled Ceramic Bowl with White Crackle


Made by John McKeag

Yellow Riddled Ceramic Bowl with White Crackle, wheel thrown by John McKeag in Co. Antrim

A statement piece for the modern home, this double walled bowl catches the eye with it unique texture and contrasting colours.

Stoneware clay, coloured slip and a crackle glaze.

Approx measurements: height 12cm, diameter 17cm.

About the maker:

John McKeag originally trained in Fine Art at Manchester Polytechnic where he went on to develop an interest in ceramics through a love of simple, unadorned, functional pottery.  He specialises in the technique of soda-glazing, producing wheel thrown tableware and exhibition pieces for the modern interior. Primarily concerned with simplicity of form, he views each piece as an individual work of functional art. Making and firing in small batches allows him to devote time to create intriguing surface textures and colours. The nature of the firing process ensures that each piece is truly unique.

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