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​ Nominations to Craft NI’s Craft Advisory Panel

If you are a designer-maker in Northern Ireland, we we want to hear from you on the issues that are important to you, which will help you develop in your work, or which are impacting on your business.

As one part of improving our communications with the sector, we are proposing the establishment of a Craft Advisory Panel (CAP) to share ideas and initiatives about new developments in the disciplines; share concerns; give feedback on Craft NI initiatives and disseminate news back to makers in their disciplines. It will be another essential element of Craft NI’s links to, and communications with, designer makers and others who have an interest in this vibrant sector. We would like your help in identifying the members of our first Advisory Panel.

The Panel will be chaired by a serving Board Member who will be the conduit through which information/suggestions are shared to and from the Board. Administrative support will be provided.

This panel, drawn from the sector, will comprise of one representative from each of the nine recognised disciplines working within the Crafts as articulated by the Crafts Council of England and The Design and Crafts Council of Ireland. These are:

Craft Disciplines:

  • Jewellery*
  • Ceramics
  • Textiles (inc Weaving etc.)
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Wood (inc. Furniture etc.)
  • Leather
  • Stone
  • Mixed Media

* have already established a working group

Recruitment to the Panel

We are inviting NI makers in any of the recognised craft disciplines to nominate members of the Advisory Panel in their discipline;

Disciplines may wish to meet or convene on social media to identify nominees; or alternatively submit individual recommendations;

Where only one candidate is identified, they will be invited to join the panel;

Where more than one candidate is nominated, the Board of Craft NI will ask all if they are willing to be considered for the role and also to provide a cv and covering letter. Craft NI will then select on the basis of cv and interview based on the Role Description provided below.

Please send nominations to the Chair of the Craft Advisory Panel, Rory Shearer, at info@craftni.org by Thursday 12 December 2019. Please state your own discipline when you nominate.

Please see here for a copy of the Role Description and please don’t hesitate to contact Rory Shearer, Board Member, Craft NI: info@craftni.org or Craft NI’s Director Katherine McDonald: Katherine.mcdonald@craftni.org for any further information or with any queries.

We look forward to working with the Panel from New Year 2020 for the development of the Crafts in Northern Ireland.