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Blue Pebble Necklace


Made by Maggie Napier

Blue pebble pendant handmade by Maggie Napier in Co. Down, Northern Ireland.

Contemporary and minimal, this handmade vibrant yellow Murano glass pebble pendant adds a perfect pop of colour to any outfit.

Inspired by the organic, tactile shape of smooth beach pebbles, the vibrant yellow glass core is encased in crystal clear for shine and hand sculpted in the lampwork torch flame. It hangs horizontally on an 18 inch sterling silver snake chain. All glass is handmade by myself and is kiln annealed directly from the torch flame for durability and strength.

Matching lampwork glass pebble and sterling silver drop earrings are also available in a range of eye-catching, vibrant colours.

Approximate Measurements: chain length 18inches, bead length 1.5cm, width 2cm

About the maker:

Maggie Napier is a glass artist based in Co.Down, N. Ireland. She has over 15 years of practice and research, experimenting and creating art glass beads and unique jewellery using the highest quality Italian and American glass. Between graduating with a degree in Design and a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Art she lived in Rome where an interest in ancient glass, archaeology and ornamentation evolved. This curiosity, the acquiring of her first flamework torch in 2005 and years of experimenting with molten glass led to the creation of Glassistudio. Her work is in the collection of The Arts Council of N.Ireland and she’s been the recipient of ACNI artist funding.

Maggie uses a process known as ‘Lampwork’ or ‘Flamework’ as she individually creates unique glass pieces. This entails melting, wrapping and sculpting rods of glass, usually around a steel core, to form a bead or small sculpture. The glass can be light reflective or etched, transparent or opaque, colourful or subtly monochrome . Each piece is made with focus and attention to detail before combining with other materials to create a wearable piece of glass art.


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