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Knitted Earrings – Cross


Made by Anna Louise Duffy

Bespoke knitted earrings,  designed and handmade in the Titanic Quarter, Northern Ireland. These earrings are the perfect statement for any occasion! Each pair is completely unique, knitted with copper to give a rose gold effect as well as making them lightweight.

Approximate size  – 8.5cm x 3cm

About the Maker:

Anna Louise Duffy is a Screen Printer, Designer, and Maker of specialist textiles based in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter.

Born and raised in the beautiful County Donegal, she began her studies at the North West Regional College, Derry completing a HND in Fashion and Textiles. From there, she proceeded to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Textile Art, Design and Fashion at Ulster University, Belfast. She has been teaching Printed Textiles at Ulster University ever since where her unique design style truly began.

Her design approach stems from an interest in structure and form. Crafting unique knitted sculptures to formulate ideas three-dimensionally translating a spatial aesthetic to the surface of the cloth. She preserves the spatial element of the structures to give the print designs more depth and tone. In essence, knit is a drawing tool to form patterns within her exclusive designs collections.

All products are designed and handmade in Northern Ireland.

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