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Parian Porcelain Coaster


Made by Anne Butler

Parian Porcelain ‘Eclipse’ Coaster with felt bottom. Handmade by Anne Butler in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Coasters are sold individually. These coasters are from Anne Butler’s beautiful eclipse collection, they can be used for hot cups of tea but are not suitable for hot pans.

The coaster range in shapes, sizes and patterns. Please note; the beauty of handmade is that no two products will be exactly the same. All items are handmade, this means the product may vary slightly from the image.

Approximate size; diameter 9cm.

About the maker: 

“I trained in ceramics in the University of Ulster and the University of Wales in Cardiff and work from my studio in Northern Ireland.

My working method is intrinsically connected to the act of making and the endless experimentation with the changing state of Parian porcelain; both in its raw and fired state. My wide palette of techniques, which include casting, hand-building and printing, are continuously being challenged and developed. Multiple firings accentuates the porcelain’s satin, marble-like quality when solid and the delicacy and translucency when thin.

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