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‘Serenity’ felted Shibori bauble


Made by Pennie Metcalfe

A felted Shibori bauble, intricately handmade in merino wool, mulberry & sari silks, copper, satin by Pennie Metcalfe in Co. Antrim. It comes in a black presentation box.

It is available in two sizes: large 10 – 13cm; small 7 – 9 cm. Please note, price is per bauble.

About the maker:

Pennie lives and works full-time as an artist in Co Antrim, where she specialises in Fibre Art & Textiles.  Pennies’ training comes from a multidisciplinary background of Fashion, Ceramics, and Fine Art. She works predominantly with wool, silk, and cotton to create 2D and 3D mix-media sculpture and textiles. 

The foundation of her technical process comes from the artisan traditions of felting, Japanese fabric manipulation- Shibori (kōkechi, Itajime shibori) assemblage, decorative surface stitching and weaving. 

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