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Silver Contemporary Celtic Pendant


Made by Nora Watson

An elegant silver contemporary Celtic pendant, handmade by Nora Watson in Portaferry, co. Down.

Made in sterling silver with a high polish finish, this pendant stands out. Length 60mm x Width 13mm.

About the maker:

Nora Watson is a jeweller based in Portaferry, co. Down.  Nora has drawn on the simple, highly-polished style of the sculptor Brancusi – her designs are loosely contemporary Celtic – simple, rounded, flowing forms with a modern twist; her  timeless designs appeal to the young and the more mature discerning customer.

She uses precious metals – gold, rose gold, platinum and sterling silver. Metal comes in both sheet and wire form which has to be manipulated carefully. Many pieces are created from a single metal whilst others are formed from a fusion of two; a particular favourite of hers is the marriage of cool silver with the warmth of rose gold.

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