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Greek Gods – Hestia


Made by Anna Donovan

Sculptural ceramic figure depicting Hestia,  the Greek Goddess of hearth and home. Handmade by Anna Donovan in her studio in County Antrim. To see her other Greek Gods figures, please visit the Gallery or email us for more details.
Handcrafted by Anna using stoneware, metal, wood, porcelain slip, gold leaf.
Approximate dimensions: h: 23cm, base 7.5 x 7.5cm

About the Maker:

Anna credits her time working as a prop maker and scenic painter for many years as a huge influence on her artist practice. Other influences include visits to the Victoria & Albert Museum and Pit Rivers; trips to Italy, Greece; most things Renaissance; myths and fairy-tales.

“I work as a ceramics and mixed media artist with a studio in Conway Mill, Belfast, Northern Ireland. My work ranges from figurative sculpture to jewellery with pots in between. The human figure is the main form from which my pieces evolve.

The story that each piece has to tell reveals itself and evolves throughout the whole making process. Very rarely is a piece finished precisely to the specifications of a preconceived idea.”

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