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Silver and 9ct Rose Gold Bangle


Made by Nora Watson

An elegant silver bangle with 9ct rose gold detail, handmade by Nora Watson in Portaferry, co. Down.

Made in sterling silver, the bracelet features a high polished round element with 9ct rose gold wire accents. Inner diameter: 6cm. The round element measures 2.5cm in diameter and functions as a clasp.

About the maker:

Nora Watson is a jeweller based in Portaferry, co. Down.  Nora has drawn on the simple, highly-polished style of the sculptor Brancusi – her designs are loosely contemporary Celtic – simple, rounded, flowing forms with a modern twist; her  timeless designs appeal to the young and the more mature discerning customer.

She uses precious metals – gold, rose gold, platinum and sterling silver. Metal comes in both sheet and wire form which has to be manipulated carefully. Many pieces are created from a single metal whilst others are formed from a fusion of two; a particular favourite of hers is the marriage of cool silver with the warmth of rose gold.

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