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Paper Art Bauble Mistle Thrush


Made by Adele Pound

Handcut paper Mistle Thrush with a berry in its beak. Handmade by Adele Pound in Co. Down, Northern Ireland

A unique decoration inspired by the Mistle Thrush.

Each box contains the following written piece inside:

‘Bigger and Greyer than its cousin the song thrush, the Mistle is also known as the storm thrush or stormcock as it is said to sig at the approach and throughout stormy weather. Mostly when I see them, they are disappearing through the trees with an outraged alarm call like an old fashioned football rattle.’

Approximate size: beak to tail length 19cm, height 7cm

Box size: Length 24.5cm, Width 10.5cm, Height 5cm

About the maker:

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