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‘Valentine’ framed linocut on Irish Linen


Made by Gail Kelly

‘Valentine’ framed linocut on Irish Linen. Handmade by Gail Kelly in County Down, Northern Ireland.

An original linocut printed on Irish linen, made by hand in Gail’s studio using her Victorian cast iron press, supplied already  framed and signed by the artist.

Linen is synonymous with Ireland. For hundreds of years generations of skilled weavers have produced this unique fabric known the world over for its superior quality and classic beauty.

The Celtic people of Ireland revered trees not only as vital source of food, fuel and building materials but also believed them to be sacred and assigned various attributes to different species. The beech is sometimes described as the ‘Mother of the Forest’, often compared to the pillars and arches of Gothic cathedrals.  Beech wood was used for writing tablets and it s therefore associated with learning, understanding and prosperity.

Framed size: 9 x 9 inches

About the maker:

‘My linocuts printed on Irish linen are inspired by the countryside where I live along with local folklore and traditions. I also make hand stitched linen collages inspired by the gorgeous gardens and beautiful landscapes I see on my travels in Britain and Ireland.’

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