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Cobalt slip bowl


Made by Rory Shearer

Small hand thrown bowl by Rory Shearer in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. Rory created this piece using celadon glaze over cobalt slip with added brush decoration.

Concentrating on surface, his pieces are no longer just containers, but are hollow forms that you want to pick up, touch, move your hand over the surface and examine the exterior. Rory’s work shares characteristics with large abstract painting, beautiful from a distance but compelling you to look ever closer.

Approximate Measurements: height 9cm x diameter 12cm

Please note; the beauty of handmade is that no two products will be exactly the same. All items are handmade, this means the product may vary slightly from the image.

About the maker

Rory Shearer studied Ceramics at the Ulster College of Art and Design, Belfast, Northern Ireland. His work is wheel based and rooted in the tradition of Bernard Leach. He creates functional pieces with a Japanese or Asian aesthetic and his work embodies an integrity and honesty only found in the work of a Master Potter. 

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