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Lunula Wrap Scarf Bracken


Made by Nicola Gates

A fine wrap scarf with hemstitched fringe, hand woven in wool by Nicola Gates in her studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Olla Nua is Irish words for ‘new wool’ – using a natural, sustainable material in a modern, imaginative way.

The Lunula scarf is woven in rich blend of super soft russet lambswool and flecked mustard Donegal yarn, with a natural ecru pattern yarn.  It was inspired by the subtle etchings on ancient gold lunulae from Bronze Age Ireland, as displayed in the Ulster Museum and National Museum of Ireland. These beautiful adornments are embellished with simple geometric combinations of triangles, diamonds and lines.

The design has been drafted on paper, then woven on her traditional floor loom, powered entirely by hand and foot. The cloth is then carefully scoured to the desired finish before being cut & stitched.

Measurements: 61cm x 195cm excluding fringe. 100% wool.

About the maker:

Nicola weaves contemporary cloth, on a traditional floor loom, powered entirely by hand and foot. Using yarns spun by mills in Ireland and the UK. Inspired by the tradition of weaving in the rural west, many pieces incorporate authentic Donegal yarn, produced in Kilcar, with its distinctive fleck and homespun texture.

Olla Nua is known for attention to detail at every stage… after the meticulous setting up of the loom and weaving, the cloth is washed and often lightly felted to produce the desired softness and texture. Cutting and stitching follow, sometimes combining the handwoven cloth with Irish linen.


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