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Macramé Knot Bauble


Made by ASTRL Fibres

Macramé knot bauble handmade by Astrl Fibres.

Macramé explores the simplicity of using repetitive and alternating textures and materials. These tactile minimalistic baubles come in three different colourways.

Dimensions: approx. 4cm diameter.

About the maker:

The ethos at the core of Alison’s practice is to discover innovative approaches and new perspectives on traditional craft. Professionally practicing since 2016 as ASTRL Fibres, Alison is a self-taught macramé artist with a background in fine arts. Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Alison studied sculpture and textiles at the Alberta University of the Arts before following her nomadic urge to travel and eventually put down roots in Northern Ireland. Alison describes herself as a lifelong creative and is inspired by her own rich family history of accomplished craftspeople. Decorative arts, geometric pattern and interior design are key themes of influence in Alison’s work. For inspiration she draws on the contrast of her childhood landscape of landlocked Alberta to her present life in a coastal, red brick Belfast. ASTRL Fibres macramé collections are handcrafted art pieces and functional objects for modern spaces.

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