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Silver V Pendant


Made by Angela O Keefe

Silver V Pendant, hand made by Angela O’Keeffe in her studio in Cork, Ireland. A modern combination of sterling silver and crushed silicon carbide set in resin, these elegant drop stud earrings will quietly elevate any outfit.

Approximate measurements: Pendant length 10mm, 30 width mm, chain length 15inches.

About the maker:

Angela O’Keefe is a Scottish goldsmith and contemporary jewellery designer now based in Cobh, Co.Cork, Ireland. Each piece of jewellery is handmade using the art of traditional goldsmithing combined with a modern methodology. Angela was educated at Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, Italy where she developed her process driven by experimentation followed by a traditional Goldsmithing apprenticeship at the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland. With more than a decade of experience Angela’s love of making is evident in each piece, with a focus on refinement of finish and beautiful craftsmanship.


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