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SLS print large ear studs


Made by Anne Earls Boylan

SLS print red ear stud earrings by Anne Earls Boylan, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

Hand died and oxidised white metal centre.
SLS stands for Selective Laser Sintering, which is an additive process with no waste in production.

Approx measurements: 25mm x 25mmm x 30mm

About the maker:

Anne Earls Boylan (Northern Ireland) discovered ‘the workshop’ during a Foundation course in the 1980’s. Since then, materials and processes have been at the centre of an exploration in bias and value within jewellery. This fascination encompasses the social and cultural tastes that drive the industry and can keep jewellery tethered to a restricted palate of gems and metals.

Anne believes to adorn is to enhance, to make beautiful and importantly, be seen as an individual. And so, her works are limited runs and one-off pieces that combine the precious with non-precious, laser prints with hand processes. Each – a small statement to be worn, enhance the spirit and add to the rich experience of living.

Jewellery is a visual conversation, one that can deepen human connections: this role has never been more valuable than at present.

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