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Fiore Nero Brooch


Made by Angela Davison

A unique brooch made in oxidised sterling silver and 9ct yellow gold, featuring a round cut emerald. Angela was inspired by her travels to Italy when making this brooch  – ‘Fiore Nero’ means ‘black flower’ in Italian.

Measurements: 5cm x 2.5cm

About the maker:

Angela Davison is a master Goldsmith situated on the outskirts of the tranquil seaside town of Holywood, County Down. Her workshop revolves around the design and creation of unique jewellery – everything is handcrafted using such traditional materials as gold and platinum to harmonise with selected precious gem stones.  She is a graduate of the Goldsmith’s school of Pforzheim, the capital of the trade in Germany – her home country – the school is world renowned with its graduates being sought in all the jewellery centres of the world.

Her career includes teaching the art of jewellery design, a three year apprenticeship with a well known jewellery designer, one and a half years with a jewellery gallery in Munich and then having attained the title Master Goldsmith she worked for a renowned jewellery manufacturer in Germany where she gained experience in the setting diamonds and other precious stones.

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