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Mini Jar Furrow


Made by Tracey Johnston

Stoneware ‘Furro’ mini jar by Tracey Johnston. Handmade in County Down.

This design is celebrating the produce grown within the beautiful Northern Irish landscape and celebrates those who work the land with great skill and dedication. The texture is inspired by the furro’s and ploughed lines made through rich soil.

Approximate measurements; height 16cm, width 14cm

About the maker:

Tracey Johnston is a Northern Irish Landscape Ceramic Artist who works with nature to make vessels that seek to connect us with our natural surroundings in the areas of discovery, survival and function. Our Irish landscape tells a fascinating story of years of exposure to change, through the elements and human interaction. The artist wants not only to replicate the beauty of our landscape and coastlines, but also incapsulate the emotions and reasons we have for living in, walking on and retreating to it.

Working with stoneware, throwing, casting and hand building, using oxides to colour with the added dimension of glazing and multiple firings, Tracey’s work is unpredictable and organic just like the landscape she is influenced by.

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