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Paper Art Bauble Bullfinches


Made by Adele Pound

Two handcut paper Bullfinches. Handmade by Adele Pound in Co. Down, Northern Ireland

A unique decoration inspired by the bullfinch.

Each box contains the following written piece inside:

‘To me, Bullfinch always seems like a wrong name for these quiet and shy birds. Often seen in pairs, even in winter their contact calls are so soft, like they are whispering to each other. The pop of red on the males breast is lovely to see on a bright frosty day as he happily rips the spring buds off the trees. Maybe vandalfinch would be a better name!’

Approximate size of each bird: beak to tail length 12cm, height 6.5cm

Box size: Length 24.5cm, Width 10.5cm, Height 5cm

About the maker:

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