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Paper Art Bauble Lollipop


Made by Adele Pound

Handcut paper Lollipop bird. Handmade by Adele Pound in Co. Down, Northern Ireland

A unique decoration inspired by the Longtailed Tit.

Each box contains the following written piece inside:

‘Tiny little balls of fluff with outsized comedy tails, long tailed tits rove the countryside in extended family bands. One moment your are alone and the next the trees are alive with their “Tsk, Tsk, Tsee, Tsee” contact calls. As if a hundred tiny little fire crackers have been let off in the canopy’

Approximate size: beak to tail length 20.5cm, height 6.5cm

Box size: Length 24.5cm, Width 10.5cm, Height 5cm

About the maker:

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