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‘Pierced Hemisphere’ Stud Earrings Black


Made by Emma Knight

Silver and resin stud earrings handmade by Emma Knight

These lovely little stone studs are minimal enough for everyday wear. There is an angular cut-out on one front edge to grant them an extra ‘interesting edge’. With a visible silver pin detail, they have enough sparkle to catch the eye.

Approx Size – 8mm width, 8mm length x 2mm depth

They are laser cut from a special real granite + resin mixed material, polished by hand. For the peppered black granite pair, a light lacquer is added.

About the maker:

Originally from County Down, Emma Knight attained  The All Ireland Scholarship in 2010 which supported her in studying BA Hons Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London.

​After graduating with a 1st Class Hons Emma began searching for a way to create sculptural objects that are accessible for all, transportable but also pieces that are ethical, with a low impact on the environment. This quest led her to jewellery in 2016.

In her own words, Emma describes her jewellery as ‘perfect for fellow art lovers; those who are curious, love Minimalism, but also enjoy a touch of fun.  With a particular focus on how items feel, each piece is the result of a combination of laser cutting, handcrafting, and some skilled Silversmith techniques. The methods I use, appreciate the clean lines and variety of materials offered by laser cutting, along with the quality and exclusivity possible through handcrafting. This process is a conscious balance between woman and machine.’

Many of Emma’s creations use an experimental combination of materials such as reclaimed plastics, wood, and stone.

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