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Royal Blue Enamelled Drop Round Earrings


Made by Angela Davison

Vivid royal blue drop enamelled earrings, hand made by Angela Davison in Co. Down, Northern Ireland.

Eye catching enamelled earrings, hand enamelled by Angela Davison.

Measurements: 14mm diameter, drop 26mm


About the maker:

Angela Davison is a master Goldsmith situated on the outskirts of the tranquil seaside town of Holywood, County Down. Her workshop revolves around the design and creation of unique jewellery – everything is handcrafted using such traditional materials as gold and platinum to harmonise with selected precious gem stones.  She is a graduate of the Goldsmith’s school of Pforzheim, the capital of the trade in Germany – her home country – the school is world renowned with its graduates being sought in all the jewellery centres of the world.

Her career includes teaching the art of jewellery design, a three year apprenticeship with a well known jewellery designer, one and a half years with a jewellery gallery in Munich and then having attained the title Master Goldsmith she worked for a renowned jewellery manufacturer in Germany where she gained experience in the setting diamonds and other precious stones.

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