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Silver Cocoon Brooch


Made by Abbie Dixon

Sterling silver ‘Cocoon’ brooch, handmade by Abbie Dixon in Co. Antrim.

‘My cocoon has a formal structure which contrasts with the free form, tangled “plant”. Semi abstract forms suggesting rather than reproducing the subject. I love working with jewellers wax and use many techniques of my own devising to capture the shapes and textures that inspire me. Like the majority of my work, this one of a kind statement brooch has been lost wax cast, in sterling silver.’

Measurements: Length 78mm, width 35mm, depth 12mm.

About the maker:

“My jewellery collection explores my love of forest and woodland, where I find endless inspiration. Intrigued by the unconventional beauty of gnarled branches and the curious little growths of lichen and fungi, I love things as they naturally occur, raw, wild and unprocessed.

My work is all about the textures, patterns and forms created by nature, and has a semi abstract aesthetic. Metal is so often smooth, flat and highly polished, but I want to make metal have a soft, organic, individual quality. I experiment with many processes and materials to create my jewellery compositions. These little sculptures are handcrafted and cast in precious metal by the lost wax method. They become wearable pieces using traditional silversmithing techniques, and some are set with natural gemstones, which I absolutely adore.”

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